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Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Philosophy

Acaric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “The Company”) provides job search support, job search related information, startup support, and research/education support as the core of its business activities.

The Company considers the personal information acquired over the course of business from users and employees (hereinafter “Personal Information”) to be a critical information asset. Reliably protecting that Personal Information is an important societal responsibility of The Company.

Accordingly, over the course of its business, The Company acquires Personal Information in accordance with the policy listed below, and, with regard to protecting Personal Information, takes responsibility for the confidence of its users and employees.


1. Regarding the acquisition and usage of personal information
  • We acquire Personal Information using legally compliant and fair methods.
  • We use Personal Information only to the extent necessary to achieve its intended purpose.
  • We first obtain the consent of the person concerned before providing Personal Information to third parties.
  • We do not use the Personal Information we acquire for anything other than its intended purpose.
  • If it becomes necessary to use Personal Information for anything other than its intended purpose, we first acquire consent before continuing with the new intended purpose.
2. We strive to understand all laws, national policies, and other rules (hereinafter “Legal Rules”)

Bearing on the acquisition and use of Personal Information, to respect them, and to keep The Company’s employees and customers fully informed.

3. Regarding the safe management of personal information
  • We have implemented appropriate measures for the prevention of information exposure in our computers, networks facilities, and devices.
  • To reliably prevent loss or damage, we prepare for events such as natural disasters and malfunctions. Also, we back up information in order to always be prepared for any contingency.
  • We conduct inspections and swiftly correct all incidents, accidents or violations, in addition to establishing prevention measures to protect vulnerabilities.
  • We thoroughly train employees and customers in safe information management practices.
  • We keep up on the system of personal information protection in foreign countries and implement appropriate measures.
4. Regarding complaints, consultations and requests

We set up Personal Information Inquiry Support Desk and handle user inquiries swiftly and appropriately in accordance with laws and regulations .

5. Regarding continuous improvement
  • Internal controls and audits have been established to monitor The Company’s Personal Information management system and to uncover any incidents, accidents, violations, and vulnerabilities for review by management. This is reflected in the monitoring rules and internal controls established to promote continuous improvement in The Company’s Personal Information management system.
  • Regarding our improvement efforts, we are in compliance with all Legal Rules and with JIS Q 15001.

Enacted: May 7, 2010
Revised: Apr 1, 2021
Revised: May 18, 2022
Revised: Feb 6, 2023

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